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whole package (plural whole packages)

  1. (usually with the) All the elements constituting a whole or occurring as a unit.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:everything
    • 2003, Ronald Beiner, Liberalism, nationalism, citizenship: essays on the problem of political community, →ISBN:
      What MacIntyre therefore rejects is the whole package, namely a growth economy managed by the state, with occasional corrections with welfare, and so on.
  2. (usually with the) Something or someone that possesses a full set of relevant characteristics, usually desirable ones.
    • 2006, C. Colston Burrell, Judith Knott Tyler, Hellebores: a comprehensive guide, →ISBN, page 17:
      For us, they are the whole package—fantastic foliage, precocious bloom, and beautiful flowers. In short, elegant simplicity.

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