whoopee do

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whoopee do

  1. Alternative form of whoop-de-doo
    • 2009, Rich Browne, I remember..., →ISBN, page 61:
      As far as my other extracurricular activities, I was elected vice president of the school's chess club. (Whoopee do.)


whoopee do (plural whoopee dos)

  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    1. Commotion
    2. Event marked by excitement
      • 2014, Patricia Burns, Life As We Lived It, →ISBN, page 5:
        As our relationship grew, we spent more and more time with each other and on his payday, the first of each month, he paid for a movie, purchased popcorn and bought the hamburger that completed our eventing. That was his big “whoopee do” for the month.