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wifty (comparative wiftier, superlative wiftiest)

  1. Eccentric, silly, scatterbrained.
    • 2004, Steven Rea, "Thanks for no memories", Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 March 2004:
      [] Kirsten Dunst is utterly charming as the doctor's wifty office assistant, idolizing her boss from afar and sharing tokes and beer with a pair of Lacuna lab techies played by Mark Ruffalo and Elijah Wood.
    • 2009, Emily Listfield, Best Intentions, Atria Books (2009), ISBN 9781416576716, page 79:
      Jack, at nineteen, twenty, had an unambiguous understanding of what it meant to win, there was none of that theoretical, wifty new-age stuff for him; []
    • 2012, Cheryl Glenn, The Harbrace Guide to Writing, Wadsworth (2012), ISBN 9780495913993, page 57:
      Sometimes when he talks about this, it sounds as ordinary and hard-boiled as a real estate appraisal; other times it can sound fantastical and wifty and achingly naïve, informed by the last inklings of childhood []
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:wifty.


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