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Alternative forms[edit]


wise apple (plural wise apples)

  1. (idiomatic) A smart aleck.
    • 1943, Staff Sgt. Dick Jones, "Air-Lines," The Independent (US), 26 Feb., p. 11 (retrieved 22 Oct 2010):
      Private Wise Guy Bly is the type of guy who in civilian life was known as a "wise apple".
    • 1980, Edwin Pope, "Yanks Pull It Off," St. Petersburg Independent (US), 25 Feb., p. C1 (retrieved 22 Oct 2010):
      "The Americans did not win at Bunker Hill," this wise apple said.
    • 2001, "This Team Continues its March toward Being Best in Canes History," Miami Herald, 25 Nov., p. 1C:
      As some wise apple said, comparisons are odious, and never more so than with a job not yet done.
  2. (idiomatic, attributive, usually hyphenated) Having the manner of a smart aleck.
    • 1966, "Ann Landers Answers Your Problems," Times-News (US), 13 July, p. 6 (retrieved 22 Oct. 2010):
      She gave me a wise-apple smirk and asked, "And how are things at YOUR house?"