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withthrow (plural withthrows)

  1. Alternative form of windthrow


withthrow (third-person singular simple present withthrows, present participle withthrowing, simple past withthrew, past participle withthrown)

  1. Alternative form of windthrow ("to overturn or uproot by the wind").
    • 1880, The Canada Law Journal:
      The semicolon interpretation was finally withthrown and the written words and natural sense prevailed over “stops.”
    • 1920, Journal of Forestry:
      On this plot, which suffered in its first year from the severe storm of September 18, 1914, 75 trees have been lost to date : 61 windfalls, 11 insect-killed, 2 fungi-weakened and withthrown, and 1 lightning-killed.
    • 1921, Idaho Forester:
      In January, 1921, the most disastrous windfall experience of the region was felt in the Olympic Peninsula where altogether over 6 billion feet of timber were withthrown.
    • 1928, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting:
      [...] logging (including slash damage) occurs in the 2 foot to 5 foot height classes, which are the very ones which are large enough to maintain themselves against hardwood sprouts, and arc too short to be withthrown.