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From wonder +‎ kid, in imitation of German Wunderkind.


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wonderkid (plural wonderkids)

  1. (informal, slang) A child prodigy; (if male) a golden boy
    • 2010, Mark Ward, Hammered:
      He was the next big thing, a wonderkid and sure-fire certainty to make it to the top.
    • 2012, Neil Farrington, Daniel Kilvington, Amir Saeed, Race, Racism and Sports Journalism - Page 130:
      In comparison, Chopra was only labelled a 'wonderkid' six times during his entire time at Newcastle United. Hence, to suggest that over-hyping is a phenomenon that only attaches itself to British Asian players is simply incorrect.
    • 2015, A Season to Wed: Three Winter Love Stories:
      “Word is Bridgett's stylist is nothing short of a wonderkid. You brought out the best in her. In all of them.”