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  • IPA(key): /wʊdz/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ʊdz



  1. plural of wood


woods pl

  1. (usually in the plural, sometimes in the singular) A dense collection of trees covering a relatively small area; smaller than a forest.
    These woods are near a field.
    This woods is near a field. (uncommon)
    • 1923, Robert Frost, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening:
      The woods are lovely, dark and deep
    • 1939, C. R. Tillotson, The Care and Improvement of the Farm Woods (Farmers' Bulletin No. 1177)[1], page 18:
      Where protection is not considered essential, the logical places for establishing a woods are on those portions of the farm which have steep slopes [] .
    • 2009, James Preston Hardison, Miracles on the Poke-A-No[2], page 159:
      Night after night, we both had similar dreams that our daughter was wandering around in a woods.
    • 2013, Robert McGowan, Current: Essays on the Passing of Time in the Woods[3], page 20:
      It is a crop, like a crop of corn, which differs from a natural field of grasses in the way that a crop of trees differs from a woods.
  2. (military, attributive) For chemical behavior purposes, trees in full leaf (coniferous or medium-dense deciduous forests).

Usage notes[edit]

  • Woods more often takes a plural verb (determiner, etc, as in these woods are) than a singular verb (as in this woods is).[1]
  • In English, one does not say "I was lost in the wood," but rather "I was lost in the woods."


Derived terms[edit]




  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wood


  1. ^ Ngram Viewer finds "this woods is" to have been about 1/50th as common as "these woods are" since the 1960s, and historically rarer. Compare "a woods is", 1/150th as common as "the woods are".