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By analogy with word of mouth.


word of finger (uncountable)

  1. Interpersonal communication by digital media, especially using keyboard devices.
    • 2009 May 19, Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Welsh Affairs Committee, Digital inclusion in Wales: thirteenth report of session 2008-09, page 84:
      We used to call it "word-of-mouth" but that is a bit old-fashioned; but you know what I mean. It gets around the community. / Alun Michael: Word of finger, perhaps! / Mr Murphy: The message gets around locally at ward level in local government terms, if you like
    • 2009 November 9, Advertising Age:
      If you were a first-time visitor from Mars and you happened to drop into a marketing meeting somewhere in the United States, you might assume that marketing people do nothing but talk about "TGIF." That's Twitter, Google, the internet and Facebook. There's no question these four revolutionary developments have forever changed the marketing function. Word-of-mouth has now become word of finger.
    • 2010 February 2, “Tweeting With David Letterman”, in Greater Lansing Business Monthly:
      Social media is the new word of mouth, only now, it is word of finger, and instantaneously can go worldwide.

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