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  1. neuter singular of xeitu



From Old Portuguese geito, from Latin iactus, perfect passive participle of iaciō (throw, hurl; emit), from Proto-Indo-European *(H)yeh₁- (to throw, let go). Compare Portuguese jeito.



xeito m (plural xeitos)

  1. way, manner or fashion (of doing something)
    iso non che ten xeito!
    that makes no sense! / This is not the correct way of doing it!
    • 1370, Ramón Lorenzo (ed.), Crónica troiana, page 461:
      Et andaua asseiando a Éytor, hu veería jeyto ou ora pera o matar.
      He was spying on Hector, where he would find the way and the opportunity of killing him
    • 1746, Martín Sarmiento, Coloquio de 24 gallegos rústicos, page 144:
      eu seica cho nego? Eu falo o que sei, ti fala ao teu xeito
      So, am I negating it? I speak what I know; you should speak in your way
  2. appearance (how something appears)
  3. skill, ability
  4. care (close attention)
    Vai con xeito, non te apures
    Drive with care, don't run!
    • 1807, Ramón Mariño Paz (ed.), Segundo diálogo dos esterqueiros, page 4:
      — [...] seique fostes á taberna? —Ó xeito, ó xeito co'eso: estános a xente escoitando; non sea que perda o creto polas vosas faladuras.
      —they say that you went to the tavern? —Take care, take care with that: the people is listening; or else I'll lose all my credit because of your chit-chat.
  5. a technique of net fishing



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