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From Ancient Greek ξενοδοχή (xenodokhḗ, strangers' banquet) + -al


  • IPA(key): /ˌzɛnəˈdoʊkiəl/, /ˌziːnəˈdoʊkiəl/
  • (file)


xenodochial (comparative more xenodochial, superlative most xenodochial)

  1. (rare) Friendly to strangers.
    • 1716, Myles Davies, Athenae Britannicae, page 3[1]:
      At least, those intemperate Reflections may serve as Precautionary Documents for Dignitaries of all sorts to humble as well as to steer themselves by, especially in their unfrequented and almost wholly neglected Duty of Christian Hospitality and Oecumenial as well as Oeconomical Reception of Xenodochial Providence-Conformists; who must nevertheless ‘Take “Heart, nor of the Laws of Fate complain, tho’ “now ’tis cloudy, ’twill clear up again.
    • 1949, Elizabeth Marion Jamieson & Mary F. Sewall, Trends in nursing history: their relationship to world events, page 313[2]:
      They both departed from the xenodochial type, in limiting admission to the sick only, and from the city hospital tradition by depending for support entirely on privately donated funds.
    • 2002, Rajani Sudan, Fair exotics: xenophobic subjects in English literature, 1720-1850, page 91[3]:
      But to prefer Oxford-street to Dove Cottage is too dramatic a shift for De Quincey to make without mediation; Ann's body — purified by De Quincey's narrative — glosses the brute reality of this preference, this instance of xenodochial pleasure.


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