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From Ottoman Turkish یوكسك(yüksek, high, tall, elevated)[1], from Proto-Turkic *yükse- (to elevate, to grow in height), from Proto-Turkic *yük[2] with the suffix *-se[3], morphologically yük (load, burden, to take upon oneself, to undertake) +‎ -sa- (derives verbs from nouns and adjectives) +‎ -k (participle suffix)[4][5].


  • IPA(key): /jycˈsec/
  • Hyphenation: yük‧sek



  1. Having a great distance between its bottom and top, not low; high, elevated.
    Antonym: alçak
  2. Situated above relative to a particular thing or place.
  3. Having a great magnitude or force, strong.
    Synonyms: şiddetli, güçlü
  4. Elevated in rank or status, superior.
  5. (figuratively) Virtuous, magnanimous.
    Synonyms: erdemli, faziletli


Derived terms[edit]

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