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From Ottoman Turkish يانمق ‎(yanmak, to be burnt, suffer), from Proto-Turkic *jan- ‎(to burn (intr.), blaze up).[1]

Cognate with Karakhanid [script needed] ‎(yan-, to burn), Azeri, Crimean Tatar yanmaq ‎(to burn), Bashkir яныу ‎(yanïw, to burn), Chuvash ҫунма ‎(śunma, to burn, shine, worry, suffer), Kazakh жану ‎(janw, to burn), Kyrgyz жануу ‎(canuu, to burn), Turkmen ýanmak ‎(to be burnt), Uzbek yonmoq ‎(to ignite, glow), Yakut сандаар ‎(sandaar, to shine) (< caus. *jan-tɨr-).


yanmak ‎(third-person singular simple present yanar)

  1. (intransitive) to burn, be on fire; to burn up, burn down
  2. (intransitive) to be burned, scorched, or singed; to get a burn or scald; to get sunburned
  3. (intransitive, for a place) to be blazing hot, be hot as blazes
  4. (intransitive) to have fever, be feverish
  5. (intransitive) to smart, suffer
  6. (intransitive) to be in a bad predicament, be sunk, be done for, have had it; to get it in the neck; to be in the soup
  7. (intransitive) to expire; to become void
  8. (intransitive, childish) to be out, be eliminated
  9. (intransitive, with dative case) to feel great sadness (at); to feel bitter regret (for)
  10. (intransitive) to be burning (with an emotion, a feeling), to have a burning desire (for).

Derived terms[edit]



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