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From Japanese やった (yatta).

Popularized by the character Hiro Nakamura on the American television series Heroes.




  1. (chiefly among fans of Japanese comics and Japanese animation) I did it!
    • 1996 January 16, Caroline Ann Seawright, “Re: Shampoo Bashing! (was Ranma 1/2: Denial)”, in rec.arts.anime, Usenet[1]:
      Okay. Let's just launch a killer attack on the whole tribe! Kill off Cologne and Shampoo first, then get rid of the rest of the bunch! Then no more Shampoo-like girls going to attack people who beat them up, since they're all dead! Yatta!! Good idea!!!
    • 1997 February 2, Kimo Kim, “NCS Mod review”, in rec.games.video.sony, Usenet[2]:
      I put in a US game and tried it and it worked perfectly. Then I put in a Japanese game and it worked also. Yatta!
    • 1999 May 20, LeVar Bouyer, “[FANFIC] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Orion 408”, in alt.fan.sailor-moon, Usenet[3]:
      "Yatta!" crowed the brunette. "Two for two!"
    • 2004 December 6, Fish Eye no Miko [username], “Re: Video player help”, in rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc, Usenet[4]:
      Ah! It worked! Yatta!
    • 2008 1 July, Antonio Ospite, "ext3grep: success story. Thanks!", ext3grep, Google Groups:
      Yatta! File restored!
    • 2009, Giz, Menage a 3: I <3 Magical Zii,
      Yatta! I’ll go get my script, and be right back!
    • 2011, Ned Greenwood, Hachiman Taro: Firstborn of the God of War, Tate Publishing (2011), →ISBN, page 233:
      Finally, they found number 16 with the name Ragnvold printed below. "Yatta, we did it," exclaimed Tule.

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  1. Rōmaji transcription of やった