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Alternative forms[edit]


From a Catawba word, most likely yap, yop, yą (tree), with the second element being either a diminutive suffix[1] or (leaf) (resulting in the compound yąpą); alternatively, perhaps directly from a longer form of the word for leaf, 'yap'hâ.[2]


yaupon (countable and uncountable, plural yaupons)

  1. The yaupon holly, Ilex vomitoria, an evergreen holly shrub with white flowers and red or yellow berries, found in the south-eastern United States.
    • 2002, Connie C. Barlow, The Ghosts of Evolution: Nonsensical Fruit, Missing Partners, and Other Ecological Anachronisms
      Yaupon is evergreen like the American holly and the familiar hollies of Christmas decorations, but the leaves of yaupon are small and smooth-edged rather than prickly. Easy to chew and blandly tasty, they would not stand out in a tossed salad.
  2. A tea-like drink, "black drink", brewed from the leaves of this holly (or, sometimes, Ilex cassine).

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  1. ^ Frederick Webb Hodge, Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico: N-Z (1912): The name is from Catawba yopun [yopún], a diminutive of yop, 'tree,' 'shrub.'
  2. ^ W. R. Gerard, Plant Names of Indian Origin, V., in Garden and Forest, volume 9 (1896)