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From year +‎ tide(time, occasion). Compare West Frisian jiertiid(season), Dutch jaartijd, jaargetijde(season), German Jahreszeit(season), Swedish årstid(season), Icelandic árstíð(season). Compare also English yahrzeit, Yiddish יאָרצײַט(yortsayt).


yeartide (plural yeartides)

  1. A specific time of year; season.
    • 1907, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Young Israel:
      [...] And promised whatever the yeartides would bring To this wish of his friend he would fervently cling.
    • 1958, American Jewish Congress, Judaism:
      Or phylacteries on skulls unyielding, While our river of days flows dark With a yeartide of days, a yeartide of nights Unhallowed, unhallowed?
    • 1985, Percy Grainger, Kay Dreyfus, The farthest north of humanness:
      Peter & 2-Js & I joined in a flower bunch, besides which I also sent her a 15 bob sheaf on my own, with gum-leafage — the sole homish stuff havable here at this yeartide — there among.
  2. A specific time each year; anniversary.
    • 1921, Emma Kenyon Parrish, The golden island:
      A-dream, we rock at home. So, lasting-sweet is sleep : With sails forever furled. Forgot is all the world, And soft the yeartides creep : O sweet, O lasting sleep!
    • 2006, Gene Wolfe, The Wizard: Book Two of The Wizard Knight:
      There will be a tourney in three days, as always at Yeartide. You could enter those events at which you may excel.