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yellowred (comparative more yellowred, superlative most yellowred)

  1. (uncommon) Alternative form of yellow-red
    • 1926, Treubia:
      Coxa grey, grey haired, femur blackbrown, yellowwhite haired along the distal lateral border, tibia redbrown to blackbrown, yellowred haired at base, then black haired.
    • 1971, Benakeio Phytopathologiko Institouto, Chronika tou Benakeiou Phytopathologikou Institoutou:
      Head: Triangular; clypeus enclosed; cheeks surrounding clypeus are nearly straight extending in front of compound eyes; antennae pinkish or of yellowred tile with last article darker; second article longer than third one [...]
    • 2003, Leo Tolstoy, Amy Mandelker, Constance Garnett, Anna Karenina:
      “I’ll do it,” said Dolly, and getting up, she carefully passed the spoon over the frothing sugar, and from time to time shook off the clinging jam from the spoon by knocking it on a plate that was covered with yellowred scum and blood-colored syrup.


yellowred (plural yellowreds)

  1. (uncommon) Alternative form of yellow-red