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From Proto-Turkic *jē- (to eat). Cognate with Azerbaijani yemək (to eat), Kazakh жеу (jew, to eat), Turkish yemek (to eat).



  1. to eat (consume)
  2. to spend, use up


Conjugation of yemoq (see also Appendix:Uzbek verbs)
tense participle
positive negative positive negative
singular plural2 singular plural2
nominal non-finites
infinitive yemoq yemamoq
gerund simpl yey yemay, yemasdan
past yeb
comp yesh
present simpl 1st yeyman yeymiz yemayman yemaymiz yeyotgan yemayotgan
2nd yeysan yeysiz yemaysan yemaysiz
3rd yeydi yeydilar yemaydi yemaydilar
cont A 1st yeyapman yeyapmiz yemayapman yemayapmiz
2nd yeyapsan yeyapsiz yemayapsan yemayapsiz
3rd yeyapdi yeyapdilar yemayapdi yemayapdilar
cont B 1st yeyotirman yeyotirmiz yemayotirman yemayotirmiz
2nd yeyotirsan yeyotirsiz yemayotirsan yemayotirsiz
3rd yeyotir yeyotirlar yemayotir yemayotirlar
cont C 1st yemoqdaman yemoqdamiz yemamoqdaman yemamoqdamiz
2nd yemoqdasan yemoqdasiz yemamoqdasan yemamoqdasiz
3rd yemoqda yemoqdalar yemamoqda yemamoqdalar
perf 1st yeganman yeganmiz yemaganman yemaganmiz yeydigan yemaydigan
2nd yegansan yegansiz yemagansan yemagansiz
3rd yegan yeganlar yemagan yemaganlar
past def 1st yedim yedik yemadim yemadik yegan yemagan
2nd yeding yedingiz yemading yemadingiz
3rd yedi yedilar yemadi yemadilar
indef 1st yebman yebmiz yemabman yemabmiz
2nd yebsan yebsiz yemabsan yemabsiz
3rd yebdi yebdilar yemabdi yemabdilar
future indef 1st yerman yermiz yemasman yemasmiz yer yemas
2nd yersan yersiz yemassan yemassiz
3rd yer yerlar yemas yemaslar
def1 1st yeyajakman yeyajakmiz yemayajakman yemayajakmiz
2nd yeyajaksan yeyajaksiz yemayajaksan yemayajaksiz
3rd yeyajak yeyajaklar yemayajak yemayajaklar
oblig 1st yeydiganman yeydiganmiz yemaydiganman yemaydiganmiz
2nd yeydigansan yeydigansiz yemaydigansan yemaydigansiz
3rd yeydigan yeydiganlar yemaydigan yemaydiganlar
  1st yesam yesak yemasam yemasak
2nd yesang yesangiz yemasang yemasangiz
3rd yesa yesalar yemasa yemasalar
1st yemoqchiman yemoqchimiz yemoqchi + indefinite future of *emoq
2nd yemoqchisan yemoqchisiz
3rd yemoqchi yemoqchilar
  1st yey! yeylik! yemay! yemaylik!
2nd ye! (formal -ing) yengiz! yema! yemangiz!
3rd yesin! yesinlar! yemasin! yemasinlar!
1Rarely used.
2Third person plural forms is commonly replaced by third person singular.