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yummy mummy (plural yummy mummies)

  1. (chiefly UK, Australia, slang) A mother who is sexually attractive. [from late 20th c.]
    Synonyms: yummy, MILF
    Coordinate term: trophy wife
    • 2004: Kate Taylor, A Woman's Guide to Sex
      I'm not a yummy mummy. No matter what you actually look like after you've had a baby, you just will feel frumpy.
    • 2005: Chris Cooper, Behind the Private Eye - The private Investigator's Secrets - Surveillance tales and techniques
      It was a guessing game about which car was going to leave next, who was going to come home next and would Yummy Mummy be wearing the tight tights again.
    • 2005: Fairchild and Gallagher, Where to wear London 2006
      Formes is the freshest of the major maternity chains, but the staid selection is more French-mumsy than yummy-mummy.

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