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Amharic [script needed] ‎(zemb), [script needed] ‎(zimb).


zimb ‎(plural zimbs)

  1. (archaic) An Ethiopian horsefly of the genus Pangonia, destructive to livestock.
    • 1840, Robert Montgomery Martin, Colonial magazine and commercial-maritime journal: Volume 3 (page 155)
      The illustrious Bruce and others imagine, that in the zimb of Abyssinia they recognize the fly plague which afflicted the Egyptians.
    • 1854, Samuel Griswold Goodrich, A history of all nations, from the earliest periods to the present time (volume 2, page 608)
      The zimb-fly sometimes depopulates whole territories, causing man and beast to fly from the lowlands into the mountains or the desert. Both the scorpion and locust infest the country.