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From Italian.


zingaro (plural zingaros or zingari)

  1. (archaic) a Gypsy
    • 1969, Georges Perec, Gilbert Adair (translator), A Void:
      Sporting a woolly cardigan with four buttons on top of an Oxford smock without a collar, our man has a faintly folksy look about him, calling to mind a zingaro or a gypsy, a carny or a Mongol, but also (switching to a wholly distinct mythology and iconography) a hippy strumming his guitar in a barroom in Haight-Ashbury or at Big Sur or in Katmandu.


Alternative forms[edit]


Dissimilated form of earlier zingano, most likely from a Greek term meaning "untouchable". Compare the modern Greek designations Τσιγγάνοι (Tsingánoi), Αθίγγανοι (Athínganoi), τσιγγάνος (tsingános).[1][2][3] Cognate to German Zigeuner.


  • IPA(key): /ˈt͡sin.ɡa.ro/, [ˈt̪͡s̪iŋɡär̺o̞], /ˈd͡zin.ɡa.ro/, [ˈd̪͡z̪iŋɡär̺o̞]
  • Hyphenation: zìn‧ga‧ro


zingaro m (plural zingari, feminine zingara)

  1. Gypsy
    • 1975, “Rimmel”, in Rimmel, performed by Francesco De Gregori:
      Chi mi ha fatto le carte / mi ha chiamato vincente / ma uno zingaro, è un trucco.
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  2. (offensive) a scruffy or slovenly person
  3. tinker


zingaro (feminine singular zingara, masculine plural zingari, feminine plural zingare)

  1. Gypsy (attributive)


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