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zing +‎ -er



zinger (plural zingers)

  1. (informal) A very rapidly moving object, especially one that is thrown.
    • 2008, Joseph Sutton, (Please provide the book title or journal name), →ISBN:
      On the first pitch from Kline, Lofton hits a zinger of a single into right field that J.D. Drew picks up on one bounce, and if he makes a good throw he has a chance to throw David Bell out at home plate.
    The pitcher threw a real zinger and struck him out.
  2. (informal) A surprising or unusually pointed, humorous and impressive insult or insulting quip.
    • 2007, Larry Groves, Seasons in Time, →ISBN, page 112:
      I wasn't looking to make friends; there had been too much animosity between us in the past, and maybe the guy had a zinger waiting on me.
    • 2012, Adam Fraser, The Third Space, →ISBN, page 124:
      You might think it's almost worthwhile calling them and restarting the argument just to get that final zinger in. Why do you think of something good to say when it's too late?
    My little niece let fly with the zinger that my sister was pregnant again.
  3. (informal) An event that when experienced leaves the witness dazed, either physically or metaphorically.
    I was still reeling from the zinger of seeing my ex on a date with my best friend.
  4. (informal) An outstanding, energetic and surprising thing or person.
    • 2006, Olivia Hillis Wimbrow, My Beloved Bohemian, →ISBN, page 130:
      They'd have to come up with a zinger for their Christmas windows to compete with that competitor's laughing Santa Claus and Stefan had that zinger in his proposal submitted to the President of the company.
    • 2006, Cathy Pickens, Done Gone Wrong, →ISBN:
      Think about all the scientists—and all the microscopes and lab equipment and testing—that may come up with zero instead of a zinger.
  5. Something to eat or drink that is tart and stimulating.
    • 2013, Paula Harrison, Rescue Princesses #5: The Snow Jewel, →ISBN:
      Here, have a strawberry zinger and don't tell Mom and Dad that we had candy in the bedroom.
    • 2016, Linda Goodnight, The Rain Sparrow, →ISBN:
      “Want some—” he saluted her with one of Julia's delicate white cups and a wry arch of eyebrow, sipped and made a face “—lemon zinger tea?” At times like this she wished she was as outgoing as Nikki or gorgeous like Bailey or even a little wild and easy with men like Valery. But she was none of those things. She was plain Carrie, the librarian, wishing she could say something snappy and clever. “If you don't like lemon zinger, pick a different kind."


  • (surprising, pointed, or telling remark): one-liner