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zoö- +‎ -phagy


zoöphagy (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of zoophagy
    • 1973, Elisabeth Geck and Guido Pressler [eds.], Festschrift für Claus Nissen: zum siebzigsten Geburtstag, 2. Sept. 1971, page 182 (Pressler):
      Darwin’s stimulus influenced Profesor Karl von Goebel, and in turn, his student Francis Ernest Lloyd whose monograph, The Carnivorous Plants (1942) is the vade mecum for the student of zoöphagy in plants.
    • 2006, Bram Stoker, Dracula — Literary Touchstone Edition, page 243:
      “…You must get a new patient, doctor, if you wish to study zoöphagy!”