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zone +‎ -less


zoneless (not comparable)

  1. Without zones; unzoned.
    • 1983, Robert Pollock, Soccer for Juniors, New York: Scribner, “Tactics,” p. 109,[1]
      In this style of defense he is the one zoneless player, being able to cross into either of the zones as he is needed.
    • 1988, Aniko Varpalotai, “Ringette: The Sport for Girls,” Orbit, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Volume 19, No. 3, October 1988, p. 10,[2]
      [] ringette players are agitating for zoneless play which would make the game faster and more demanding.
  2. (literary, archaic) Without a belt or girdle.
    • 1749, William Mason, Isis: An Elegy, London: R. Dodsley, p. 7,[3]
      Clos’d was her eye, and from her heaving breast
      In careless folds loose flow’d her zoneless vest;
    • 1785, William Cowper, The Task, London: J. Johnson, Book 3, p. 94,[4]
      Thou art not known where pleasure is adored,
      That reeling goddess with the zoneless waist
      And wand’ring eyes, still leaning on the arm
      Of novelty, her fickle frail support;
  3. (biology) Lacking bands or rings (particularly with reference to fungi).