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From Italian zucchino, singular of zucchini.



zucchino (plural zucchini)

  1. Alternative form of zucchini
    • 1947, The New Yorker, volume 23, page 21:
      After a prolonged session with a cookbook, she selected two or three recipes she considered promising, went to her grocer’s, and read off her list of ingredients: a quarter pound of white seedless grapes, three oranges, two tart apples, three cloves, the breast of a chicken, a can of pigs’ feet, a spring onion, a zucchino, three leeks, and a half pint of dried black-eyed peas. The grocer paled as he listened. “Lady,” he said, “what are you making—a painting?”
    • 1962, Monthly Bulletin of the Ministry of Health and Public Health Laboratory Service, page 188:
      Two members of another family became ill after eating a zucchino—a marrow-like plant grown in their garden; a bitter ether-soluble substance was extracted from a sample of the vegetable (Frizelle 1961).
    • 1986, Keats-Shelley Review, page 87:
      A zucchino is a small marrow, but there can be no connection with Shelley’s ‘The Zucca’, which was not drafted until 1821.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:zucchino.



  • IPA(key): */d͡zukˈki.no/, (traditional) */t͡sukˈki.no/[1]
  • Rhymes: -ino
  • Hyphenation: zuc‧chì‧no


zucchino m (plural zucchini)

  1. Alternative form of zucchina
  2. (Switzerland, colloquial, chiefly in the plural) German-speaking Swiss


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