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German numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissig
    Cardinal (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißig
    Ordinal (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissigste
    Ordinal (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißigste
    Sequence adverb (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissigstens
    Sequence adverb (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißigstens
    Ordinal abbreviation: 32.
    Adverbial (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissigmal
    Adverbial (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißigmal
    Adverbial abbreviation: 32-mal
    Multiplier (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissigfach
    Multiplier (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißigfach
    Multiplier abbreviation: 32-fach
    Fractional (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): Zweiunddreissigstel
    Fractional (Germany, Austria): Zweiunddreißigstel
    Polygon (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): Zweiunddreissigeck
    Polygon (Germany, Austria): Zweiunddreißigeck
    Polygon abbreviation: 32-Eck
    Polygonal adjective (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): zweiunddreissigeckig
    Polygonal adjective (Germany, Austria): zweiunddreißigeckig
    Polygonal adjective abbreviation: 32-eckig
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  1. (cardinal number) Switzerland and Liechtenstein standard spelling of zweiunddreißig.