Appendix:Glossary of Scottish slang and jargon

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This is a glossary of Scots English words as well as slang and jargon, with their meanings and where appropriate an example of their use.

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  • a, ah - I
  • aboot - about
  • ah ya bastart - Ouch, you bastard!
  • Amentah? - Aren't I
  • am ur - I am
  • am no - I am not
  • a um nay - I am not
  • as-laat - "I was like that"; i.e., I was remarked to say (So the boss sez tae me that I was lazy, and as-laat, "Naw am-ur-nay!")
  • a-wiz-nae - I was not
  • awrite - all right
  • aye - Yes
  • arse / erse - bum
  • anno - I know
  • Aff - off (off yer heed)
  • auld - old ( as in auld codyir)
  • aw - all
  • awfy - awfully


  • bawheed - ballhead, empty headed, stupid (oh, you ya bawheed!)
  • "baffies"- slippers
  • . "Bahooky"- Bum
  • bairn - baby (jist a wee bairn!) or small child.
  • baltic - really cold (It's baltic!)
  • bampot - an idiot, unhinged person (He is a bampot)
  • barry - fantastic (That's pure barry)
  • bastart - bastard, also, rarely, a peculiar term of endearment(awright Ted ya wee bastart)
  • bawbag - scrotum, pejorative (That guy's a bawbag)
  • bawhair- A recognized unit of measurement.
  • burd - Girlfriend/ girls in general ' '(huv ye seen the state ay they burds!) ' '
  • bevvy - drink ("Ye havin a bevvy the nite?")
  • bizzo - business (from an episode of TV series Minder)
  • Bigyin - Originated as Billy Connolly's nickname. Meaning: Big One, used as a term of endearment towards older relatives or friends
  • blootered - very drunk
  • boaby - police. Can also mean penis, or cum.
  • boak- dry heave/expression of disgust "(Pure givin' me the boak!)"
  • boggin - smelly, dirty (That's boggin'!)
  • bolt - go away ("wanty bolt!")
  • boot - slatternly or ugly woman
  • bowfin - smelly, similar to howfin.
  • brassic - Skint , from Cockney rhyming slang "Boracic Lint"
  • burn - small river (Let's awa' up that burn) not actually slang as it's the correct term and used elsewhere in the world
  • braw - beautiful, as in ('S'a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht.')
  • belter - to be excellent, great, fucking fantastic.
  • Barras - a Market Started by Margaret McIver joined for the initial use of wheel barrows/"barras' to sell things from, at the Barrowland in the east end of Glasgow
  • baws - reproductive matter storage device
  • bawbee, bobee - one half-penny in auld money
  • breeks - trousers
  • brae, braw - brave, good as in thats good.
  • Bonnie - pretty, beautiful
  • but - conjunction sometimes used to end sentences, commonly in Inverclyde (Am naw gaun but!)


  • cannae - can not
  • chankin - cold (It's chankin the day!)
  • chapel Church, from another religion ("He is going to chapel on Sunday")
  • claes - clothes
  • cunt - the vagina, commonly pejorative, also used for person
  • cummoan - lets go,~~ please talk sense ~~ (vamos,. sp)
  • cannie - Smart - "He's a cannie lad"
  • chib - stab, a knife


  • Da Father
  • Dafty Silly
  • dancin - nightclub
  • dead - very; usually used with "pure" in front to describe something (That's pure dead brilliant!!!)
  • diddy - did he? Also means idiot and female breasts ("Diddy go tae school?" "Wait! Ye left yur keys ya diddy!" "Check oot the diddies oan her.")
  • dinnae/ dunno - Don't ("Dinnae dae that!") Dunno ( "Dunno" ) I Don't Know
  • dobber - a fool/stupid person. Also means "dickhead" ("Whit ye daein ya dobber?!")
  • dog/doggin - Having sexual intercourse in the back of a car (Oh my God. they were doggin'!), or skipping school (I couldn't be bothered so ended up jus doggin it)
  • donder - a walk (comin fur a wee donner doon yonder?)
  • doo - a pigeon
  • doon - Down. ("Turn that doon! We got a fuckin can theif! TURN THAT DOON!")
  • drookit - Soaking wet - drenched
  • dug - a dog
  • dunderheed - an idiot, a fool


  • "Eh"-Yes/I (cumin ti the baths dode"? Eh). ( Eh wis like, that's pure tekul man)
  • Embra - Edinburgh
  • an empty - the residents who live in the house are not present and people take advantage by having a party in the "empty" house. ("Ma granny's got an empty, moan up fur a swallae.") Normally teenagers having a party in their own house when parents are away involves drinking which they would not be able to do with their friends if parents around.


  • fae - from (a ken where yur fae)
  • fanny - vagina, also means stupid person and/or wimp
  • fannybawbag - general insult
  • fannybawz - a term of ridicule, in some cases of endearment (ho, here fannybawz, geez a chip)
  • fizzog - face
  • feart - to be scared, afeared (I'm feert of the dark)
  • fud - a complete and utter dobber (Where's ma money, ya fud?) also meaning vagina (Ah booted her right in the fud man!)
  • Futer - to twiddle and mess about with something ( courtesy of Mrs A A Munro )
  • fitba - football
  • fit - what - Mainly used in the Aberdeen area


  • gantin - smelly/really wanting something -("Ahm gantin for a shag!")
  • geggy - mouth - "(Shut yer geggy")
  • geez - give - ( geez it)
  • glaikit - stupid ( ya glakit bastard ).
  • Glesgae - Glasgow
  • Glesga - Glasgow
  • goat - idiot
  • gobble - blowjob - ("Geez a gobble")
  • '"gob"' -mouth- ("Shut your gob quine")
  • gonnae no dae that - please do not do that
  • gowpin/lowpin - sore body part/infested with lice - (My knee is gowpin)- ("Her heid was pure lowpin")
  • goon - Idiot("You're a pure goon,man!")
  • gran - Grandmother
  • granda - Grandfather
  • gingin (pronounced "ging-in") - Disgusting ("He wis spewin his guts up (being sick), it was heavy gingin!")
  • Gan - Go
  • Greet - To cry
  • Gutties - Shoes


  • huddy - idiot, stupid, lame brain
  • hackit - ugly, Ruby
  • hame - home "am away hame"
  • hoose - house "it's in ma hoose"
  • hoot - what "hoot are you talkin aboot"
  • haver - silly talk, nonsense/ talking shit " stap yer havering "
  • hawn - hand "watch ma hawn"
  • hawd/hud - hold, stop "wanty hawd that?" Hawd yer wheeshd stop talking
  • hen - term of endearment for a woman, equivalent to 'love' or 'darling' ("How ye dain the day, hen?")
  • heed/heid - head "a've got a sare heed"
  • heid-the-baw - an idiot.
  • hoch-magandy - fornication (from an episode of the TV series The Sweeney).
  • hole - sex/vagina ("She's gettin her hole the nite fur definite.")
  • howfin/howlin/hummin - smelly
  • heevin - very busy place ("This pub is heevin, ye canny get movin.")
  • honkin - smelly/dirty ("Your farts are honkin by the way.")
  • hoor - slang term for the word 'whore'
  • hoora - slang term for 'very' ("That buckfast was hoora good.")
  • hoos/hoose? - House
  • how? - why?
  • Hauf ' - a measure of whiskey


  • Int tit? - isn't it?
  • Isnae - Is not


  • Jag injection
  • jaked - being in a state of drunkenness (I was jaked last night)
  • jake(y) - a person addicted to class A substances and has poor quality of life as consequence (commonly heroin)
  • jamp - past tense of jump (used mostly in the Highlands, especially the Black Isle)
  • jessie/jessy - wimp/big girl's blouse
  • jings! - Gosh!
  • jobby - poo; plural form "jobbies"
  • jobby jabber - a gay man (derogatory)


  • ken - term for the word 'know' (I ken who he is, but I dinnae ken him, ye ken?);
  • knob - slang for penis, in particular knob-end, also an irritating or contemptible person ("Wit a knob man!")
  • kip - sleep/nap ("If yur tired, try fur a kip." "am away fir a kip man, shattered"


  • Laddie - A male (as in "Aye, Laddie!")
  • lecky - electricity - often used in reference to bills (she didn't pay her lecky this month)
  • liftit - to be arrested by the police. e.g. He wiz totally pished in the police liftit him
  • loupin - very sore/infested with lice ("My heid is loupin.")
  • Lassie - A female


  • ma Kelly-Ann - term for the Mrs ,me and Kelly-Ann did this my Kelly-Ann said that , me and Kelly Ann had a good pumpin last night etc etc
  • magic - great/excellent (That's pure magic)
  • maist - most
  • malkied - blootered/drunk/wrecked (Heavy malkied last night, pal)
  • maw - mum (Aye yer maw)
  • mawkit/ manky - very dirty (Your trousers are mawkit!! Ya manky wee bam!!)
  • meltit/melted - to be off one's face, usually on drugs - (Ah was pure melted man!)
  • mibay/ mibbe - maybe.
  • Middin- Yer Hoose when ye came back fae a bevvy (or 1950s rubbish bin )
  • mince - rubbish/nonsense - (Dae talk mince)
  • minger - originally a Scottish word for dirty/smelly/horrible person
  • minted - rich/wealthy ("Look at his motor, he must be minted.)
  • mingin - horrible/dirty ("Your bathroom is mingin")


  • nae danger - no chance / no way
  • napper - head
  • naw- no
  • ned- acronym for 'non-educated delinquent', useless waster, troublemaker
  • nip- kiss (gonae give us a nip) or a single measure of an alcoholic spirit, often whisky (geez a nip wi that pint will ye darlin')
  • nippin - stinging.
  • numpty - an endearing term/lovable idiot. Shows friendly banter ("Och your a right numpty")
  • nut - head, or another term used for the word no.
  • nat king - another word for intercourse getting your hole (cole)

nat king cole - intercourse, commonly nat king cole, hole


  • oaf - off
  • oot - out
  • oan yer bike - go away
  • oan yer trolley - go away
  • outwith Outside ( he lives outwith the catchment area for the school. That is outwith the remit of the report.)


  • pan - break or disfigure ("pan the windows in")
  • panbread - dead
  • peedy - small (" yer nae haf peedy ya ken ")
  • peebrusht - rectum (- from an episode of Minder)
  • pineapple - Roman catholic chapel
  • pish - piss
  • pished - drunk
  • pure - very, totally ("she's pure no right".)used to emphasis something. This is mainly used by Weegies
  • polis - the police
  • plastered - drunk


  • quality - great/excellent ("That film was quality.")
  • quine - young women, girl, daughter


  • radge - Crazy (he went totally radge)
  • roamin - Taking a walk ( gone on the piss, no told the missis an got lost )
  • roaster - someone who is making a complete cunt of themselve ("Here, did ye see that roaster oan x-factor the other night?")
  • ratarsed - drunk ( "Lets get ratarsed!"


  • swatch - Look "sw a tch" (gae us a swatch o yur fanny)
  • scheme - residential area usually council estate
  • shan - a shame ("that's shan as fuck")
  • shite - poo.
  • shneeb - smoke.
  • sneck/snecky, also shneck/shnecky (from the Gaelic Sneagaidh) - Inverness.
  • scooby - clue, (no clue)
  • scramble - (go away)
  • scran - food or snack.
  • scunnurt, scunnered - disgusted, fed up (Ah'm pure scunnurt)
  • skelp - to smack or hit someone/thing (He telt me tae get ma tits oot so I skelped him) (I skelped ma heed oaf the heedboard)
  • skuddy - naked ("Did ye see Jimmy? He was in the skuddy!")
  • solid - hard, tough (I wouldnae say nowt tae him man, he's solid)
  • sook - big softie (ya wee sook)
  • Snashters - sweets or goodies to eat.
  • squint not straight
  • steamin - drunk
  • swallae - to swallow, also means alcohol ("Dae ye fancy gon fur a wee swallae doon the pub?")
  • skint (slang term for the word 'skinned') - no money/poor/no wages left.
  • Scunner one who pisses ye aff, also used when hurt yourself (oh ye scunner that hurt)
  • Skiddies Gentleman's undergarments with traces of last nights dinner
  • Spondulieitise A medical condition for talking shit
  • Stoor Dust. Look at aw that stoor on the telly


  • tad - tiny bit ("it's a tad small")
  • tae - to
  • taps aff - (tops off) it's a hot day <--- na just means the suns oot so we take wur taps aff. .
  • talking oot yer fanny flaps -lying
  • tanned - to drink/drunk (I tant ten pints last night!)' to vandalise ("That hoose is gettin tanned")
  • tap - to borrow money from someone ("Can ah tap a tenner aff ye?")
  • tan - smash windows (I'm gonny tan yer windaes), or also a drink ("Gonnae gies a tan ae yur juice?")
  • "tekul"-good
  • that's a sin - what a shame
  • toaty - small/tiny
  • tatties - potatoes
  • tube - an idiot/fool
  • Turkish - a faeces (Gies the paper, ah'm away fur a turkish) As in 'Turkish Delight' - Shite
  • Twally ~~ A person of lesser intellect


Wheesht" be quiet

  • wan - one (number or referring to an object person) "Wan table please." "Wit wan de ye want?"
  • wan - won "I wan the race."
  • wee small
  • weegie someone from Glasgow
  • well - very "This band's well good." "Bed's well comfy."
  • whae who
  • whit what
  • wean - (pronounced "Wayne") - child
  • wallap (pronounced "wa-lup") - to hit someone/something ("Am gonnae wallap ye wan!") Can also mean to bang a body part ("Ah pure wallaped ma heid aff that table!")
  • wallaper (pronounced wa-la-pur - an insult, meaning idiot/moron/dick ("He's a pure wallaper.")
  • wanker - insult - "youre a pure wanker"
  • winch - to French kiss someone 'geez a winch'
  • Wur - our as in we took wur taps aff (took our tops off)


  • "geein it yaldi"- giving 110%
  • yin - one (not the number but referring to a person or object) "The big yin is oan his way." "Ye want the big yin aff the shelf?")
  • "yocker" - a large, but still throwable, stone.