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English citations of cissplain

  • 2010 May 31, Nancy, “How to deal with being racist”, Sick Sad World, accessed on 2012-09-18:
    Don't mansplain, whitesplain, straightsplain, cissplain, etc. Respect people’s right to self-define.
  • 2010 November 4, Garland Grey quoting a letter, “Grey Areas: Sad, Mopey Post Election Edition”, Tiger Beatdown, accessed on 2012-09-18:
    But still, I get frustrated when cis people try to cissplain to me basic things about gender and transness that I already know, or ignore repeated requests to call me a “trans woman” rather than a “male-to-female transsexual”, or tell me that they “understand” what it must be like for me because this one time in school somebody called them a member of the opposite sex and that made them cry, or whatever.
  • 2011 January 7, fireofanger, “Textbook cissexism!”, Anger Is Justified, accessed on 2012-09-18:
    No. It’s not. Quit trying to cissplain at me. And don’t laugh at my need not to be known as my assigned sex.
  • 2012 February 3, Natalie Reed, “How To Ask A Trans Person Questions Without Being Insensitive About It”, Sincerely, Natalie Reed, accessed on 2012-09-18:
    Don’t ask us about transgenderism only to cissplain how we’re still “really” our birth sex and always will be.