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English citations of rationalization hamster and Rationalization Hamsters

  • 2010 7 March, MCP [username], “Lady Raine & Denise Romano Are Rank Hypocrites When It Comes To "Equality"”,, Usenet:
    Like I said, if you're a guy and are reading this, please go back to my original post and hand it out to the Women you know, grab up some popcorn and enjoy the show; you'll bowl yourself over with laughter watching these poor ladies' Rationalization Hamsters dang near pass out from running so hard!
  • 2011, Athol Kay, The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011, ISBN 9781460981733, page 13:
    She's rationalizing why she doesn't want to have sex and her Rationalization Hamster pops out a perfectly good excuse []
  • 2012 8 November, Karolina Dean...Big money STILL weaves a mighty web..., “Conservative CHRI$TIAN ICON B-Skillet blames "the Slut Vote" for ROmney's loss...”,, Usenet:
    America has profound moral problems in part because the rationalization hamster makes it impossible for 54% of the American electorate to ever admit a moral shortcoming.