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[[{{{1}}}a#Norwegian Nynorsk|{{{1}}}a]], [[{{{1}}}e#Norwegian Nynorsk|{{{1}}}e]]

The following documentation is located at Template:nn-inf/documentation. [edit]
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This template is meant to provide a simple way to list up the two forms every Nynorsk verb wiht an infinitive suffix has - one form that ends with a (a infinitive) and one that ends with e (e infinitive).

The template is used by providing the verb stripped of its infinitive endings:



telja, telja

A second parameter is available and determines in which way the two infinitive forms are separated (', ' is default):




Sometimes the e infinitive version coincides with the Bokmål version of the verb. If so, the parameter named 'e' should be invoked:




Lastly a named parameter called 'br' is available and is used if the verb is a Nynorsk bracket form:



[skjota, skjote]