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sl-noun ? (??? please provide the genitive!, ??? please provide the nominative plural!)

The following documentation is located at Template:sl-noun/documentation. [edit]

This template is used for the headword line of Slovene nouns. It uses Module:sl-headword as a back-end.


The following parameters are available:

The headword of the current entry, with accents. See the documentation of Module:sl-headword for more information.
The noun's gender, specified in the format of Module:gender and number. For Slovene, the following are valid: m-an, m-in, f, n, m-d, f-d, n-d, m-p, f-p, n-p. Use ? if you don't know the gender, and m-? or m if you know it's masculine, but not if it's animate or inanimate.
g2=, g3= ...
Optional additional genders, if necessary.
The genitive form of the noun, with accents. This is normally the genitive singular form, but it can be dual or plural if the noun only occurs in that form.
gen2=, gen3= ...
Optional additional genitive forms, if necessary.
The nominative plural form of the noun, with accents.
  • If the noun has no plural (is uncountable), use -.
pl2=, pl3= ...
Optional additional plural forms, if necessary.