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The following documentation is located at Template:temp/documentation. [edit]

This template is intended for use on talk pages and areas of Wiktionary that describe the markup language of wikitext. It simply displays the name of another template, linked for convenience. This template is implemented in terms of Module:template link.


{{temp|name of template|...}}
{{temp|subst:name of template|...}}
{{temp|safesubst:name of template|...}}
{{temp|#invoke:name of module|name of function|...}}
  • Only one parameter is required, the template name to display. Substitutions, magic words and parser functions are detected automatically. Using the {{#invoke:}} parser function with a valid module name creates a link to the module.
  • If this template is given non-numeric named arguments, they will be displayed as arguments to the template; however, no particular order is guaranteed.
  • To force a particular order, or to display an equals sign in an explicitly named numeric parameter, you may use the following methods:
    • Use = to code the equal sign.
    • Wrap the parameter assignment (or just the = character) in <nowiki> tags.
    • Make explicit numeral assignments corresponding with numbered parameters starting from 2.
  • Examples of inclusion from mainspace use the : prefix.
  • Previous versions of this template had an interwiki functionality; this feature has been dropped. Links to templates on sister wikis should be formatted manually.


{{temp|1=#ifexpr:2 + 2 = 4|2=ok|3=oh noes}}
{{temp|#invoke:debug|error|Help, I'm trapped in an example factory}}


{{#ifexpr:2 + 2 = 4|ok|oh noes}}
{{#invoke:debug|error|Help, I'm trapped in an example factory}}

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