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The following documentation is located at Template:unsigned2/documentation. [edit]
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Crystal Clear filesystem trashcan full.png This template has been nominated for deletion(+)
Please see that page for discussion and justifications. Feel free to edit this template as normal, though do not remove the {{rfd}} until the debate has finished.


This template takes three positional parameters:

  1. (required) a timestamp indicating when the comment was posted.
  2. (optional) the username of the user who posted the comment.
  3. (optional) the time zone; the default is UTC.

If the user has an IP address rather than a username, then {{unsigned-ip}} may be preferable: it does not link to the IP's user-page.

wikitext result
{{unsigned2}} —This comment was unsigned.
{{unsigned2|00:00, 1 January 1970 (UTC)|}} —This unsigned comment was added at 00:00, 1 January 1970 (UTC).
{{unsigned2|00:00, 1 January 1970 (UTC)|Username}} —This unsigned comment was added by Username (talkcontribs) at 00:00, 1 January 1970 (UTC).

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