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Now I'm gonna have some fun here. ;) I'm gonna import some data from Polish-Japanese dictionary from Polish Wikipedia, mainly to check CJK support.

Should I consider wiktionary a test site or a "production" one ? I think that no good dictionary can be made using that way (one article per entry with this software) and that philosophy (of many-to-English instead of many-to-many). Taw 00:33 Dec 16, 2002 (UTC)

From :

  1. Bolesny - 痛い (いたい itai)
  2. Brudny - 汚い (きたない kitanai)
  3. Ciemny - 暗い (くらい kurai)
  4. Cieżki - 重い (おもい omoi)
  5. Długi - 長い (ながい nagai)
  6. Duży - 大きい (おおきい ookii)
  7. Drogi - 高い (たかい takai), znaczy też wysoki
  8. Fajny - 楽しい (たのしい tanoshii)
  9. Jasny - 明るい (あかるい akarui)
  10. Ładny - きれい kirei
  11. Łatwy - 易しい (やさしい yasashii)

Now some kanjis:

  1. 西

Some traditional vs. simplified fun:

We'll have to change software to use something other than underline for links. We can't use underline as it makes some CJK characters look different. (see the two above). It would probably also help a lot on CJK Wikipedias. Taw 01:41 Dec 16, 2002 (UTC)

Today I'm gonna flood Wiktionary with examples of Polish declension. ^^ Taw 14:42 May 22, 2003 (UTC)