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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-27 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-28).

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  1. aircrafts
  2. backman
    • 2009 March 27, Bruce Matthews, “Roo Jesse Smith injured ... again”, Herald Sun:
      The rebounding backman pulled up sore again during sprints at training this week as he stepped up the workload in a bid to return in the VFL.
  3. bencher
  4. bookwork
    • 2009 March 27, Kelvin Healey, “Poker pro Tony Hachem slams ATO tax raid”, Herald Sun:
      The tax officials seized documents that Tony Hachem said related to a company for which he'd done unpaid abookwork about five years ago.
  5. briquetted
    • 2009 March 27, John Beveridge, “A worry for the quarry”, Herald Sun:
      The most spectacular implosion of this dream happened between 1998 and 2000 when BHP Billiton's hot briquetted iron plant near Port Hedland was rapidly written off at a cost of $2.5 billion.
  6. bubs
  7. crossfield
    • 2009 March 27, Karl de Kroo, “Titans rub salt in Bulldogs' wounds”, Herald Sun:
      Campbell, growing into his role with every touch, helped turned the tide with a series of well-weighted kicks of his own, and then borrowing from the playbook of his injured skipper, he delivered the Titans their first points of the night through a crossfield kick that was knocked down by a flying Esi Tonga and into the waiting arms of Luke O'Dwyer.
  8. euthanased
  9. fwd
  10. gurgler
    • 2009 March 27, Karen Collier, “Victorian water companies waste shame”, Herald Sun:
      Most of the 165 million litres of drinking water going down the gurgler each day is leaking through pipes and bursting through water mains cracking in the drought.
  11. kilotonnes
    • 2009 March 27, AFP, “Asteroid hits Earth, scientists collect samples”, Herald Sun:
      The program also showed that the hurtling mass of rock would hit Earth's atmosphere -- with the force of one or two kilotonnes of TNT -- in less than 13 hours.
  12. pitstops
    • 2009 March 27, Neil McDonald, “On a high horse”, Herald Sun:
      "We will be pushing the team to be more efficient with pitstops, reliability and efficiency," Massa said.
  13. procush
    • 2009 March 27, Peter Griffiths, “ARB gets it all wrong for the whipping boys”, Herald Sun:
      The jumping whip, probably best know as a procush, is a normal whip with two-sided foam encased in vinyl about 18cm along the end of the shaft.
  14. untraded
    • 2009 March 27, “Market recovers more lost ground”, Herald Sun:
      Automotive brakes maker Pacifica Group, which shares remained untraded at 10 cents, expects the crisis in the automotive industry to worsen in 2009, after a dreadful year in 2008.


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