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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-25 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. bargoon
    • 2009 January 25, Bruce DeMara, “Bruce McDonald: King of College”, Toronto Star:
      "Um, investment," he corrects himself quickly, making it sound like a bargoon at twice the price.
  2. blueliner
  3. centreman
  4. fistic
    • 2009 January 25, Damien Cox, “Fighting debate has lasting power”, Toronto Star:
      Such was the case yesterday when, in a all-star weekend press conference held at the same hotel where the league was founded 91 years ago, commissioner Gary Bettman was peppered with questions about the future of fistic encounters.
  5. flipster
    • 2009 January 25, Bruce DeMara, “Bruce McDonald: King of College”, Toronto Star:
      "Eventually, every shopkeeper, hipster, flipster and finger-poppin' daddy is going to do a little appearance in it (film)," McDonald adds with delight.
  6. florally
    • 2009 January 25, Vit Wagner, “TV is this author's ticket to write”, Toronto Star:
      The book's cover features two young women facing off, their faces partially obscured by a florally decorated banner containing the novel's title.
  7. gussied
    • 2009 January 25, Peter Goddard, “How much is that skull in the window?”, Toronto Star:
      Stores along New York's Fifth Ave. get a bit gussied up for the season, too, although nothing compares to what they once did.
  8. kidland
  9. palookas
    • 2009 January 25, “osers, Inc.”, Toronto Star:
      Strickland achieved his 15 seconds of fame in 2004, when he was featured in a New York Times story about journeymen boxers, a.k.a. tomato cans, stiffs, palookas.
  10. prebudget
    • 2009 January 25, Les Whittington, “Will budget rescue Canada and Tories?”, Toronto Star:
      With only days to go before the most important federal budget in many years, the Prime Minister and his finance minister got together at a Toronto hotel where Harper had just finished a prebudget session with business executives.
  11. quaveringly
    • 2009 January 25, Geoff Pevere, “A powerful sensory experience at the edge of consciousness”, Toronto Star:
      There's the horn-playing Corporal Leavitt, whose slow death comes while trying to rescue a Korean teenager, child and elderly woman from American bullets, and whose flashbacks of the nightclub singer carrying his baby Stateside inevitably suggest Monty Clift's quaveringly sensitive misfit in the movie version of From Here to Eternity .
  12. sizably
  13. twinsies
  14. uncompetitiveness
    • 2009 January 25, Daniel Dale, “Pumping secrets from Gas Man”, Toronto Star:
      McTeague makes his predictions not for the attention, he said, but to demonstrate the uncompetitiveness of the Canadian oil industry – a problem he has long sought to remedy by amending the Competition Act to toughen restrictions on mergers and acquisitions, expand the definition of predatory pricing, and introduce new penalties for corporate conspiracy.
  15. underclasses
  16. uninvolving
    • 2009 January 25, JASON ANDERSON, “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: This film should be buried”, Toronto Star:
      A prequel set long before the events of the 2003 original and its 2006 follow-up – which explains why usual headliner Kate Beckinsale is seen here only fleetingly – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is as unnecessary as it is uninvolving.