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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-08 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-08).

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  1. bordertown
    • 2009 March 8, Bruce DeMara, “Throwing salt on Windsor's wounds”, Toronto Star:
      WINDSOR – In the midst of an enduring slump by the Big Three automakers and a main street already pockmarked by empty store fronts, the last thing bordertown Windsor needs is to see its number one source of local television news go silent.
  2. countryesque
    • 2009 March 8, Raju Mudhar, “Career's jumping for Jon Lajoie”, Toronto Star:
      A former singer in a cover band, his strength is being a musical chameleon; one video mocks (and successfully mimics) hardcore rap, while in the next he's strumming his guitar in the countryesque, salacious "Song for Britney."
  3. exceptionalities
    • 2009 March 8, “Special education grossly underfunded”, Toronto Star:
      While it is wonderful that Ontario passed Bill 82 legislating that students with exceptionalities have the right to receive special education programs and services in the public school system, the fact is that this is not happening in reality.
  4. nabe
    • 2009 March 8, Kenneth Kidd, “The Star unveils unique map of neighbourhoods”, Toronto Star:
      So these days find Putnam among a small group of residents trying to coin a name for their nabe, since a one-time moniker – The Junction Triangle – seems to have fallen into disuse.
  5. pffft
    • 2009 March 8, Dave Perkins, “Classic start just what was needed”, Toronto Star:
      In a worldwide economy gone pffft, expanding of markets and revenue sources is going to be a vital priority in all North American sports, baseball included.
  6. refamiliarize
  7. riffery
    • 2009 March 8, Ben Rayner, “Maladjusting with Francophone band Malajube”, Toronto Star:
      True to its title, the record is an utterly non-linear rush of gonzo prog dynamics and capricious mood swings, offering sighing high harmonies and lulling, beachfront melodies one minute and battering-ram riffery worthy of late-period Voivod the next.
  8. stockpicker
    • 2009 March 8, David Olive, “Stockpiling for the long term”, Toronto Star:
      The world's most successful stockpicker last weekend released his widely read chair's letter to shareholders of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. conglomerate.
  9. teleputers


  1. beaty
    • 2009 March 8, Malene Arpe, “Off the rack”, Toronto Star:
      This week in beaty tips: Ageless Nicole Kidman rinses her hair with champagne to brighten her highlights.
  2. manent