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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-11 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-11).

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  1. bodychecked
  2. callup
    • 2009 March 11, “Blue Jay watch”, Toronto Star:
      Minor-league callup Ryan Patterson sprinted and swerved to track down a fly ball to left field, preventing a fourth-inning double.
  3. germy
    • 2009 March 11, John Spears, “Tempest in coffee cup consumes City Hall”, Toronto Star:
      Coffee shops worry about customers bringing in dirty cups: If germy cups rub up against coffee dispensers, they could spread disease.
  4. nibblies
    • 2009 March 11, Rita Zekas, “Fashion's victims”, Toronto Star:
      These loyal customers enjoyed free martinis and nibblies when Finishing Touches previewed its new lines each season but stopped shopping cold turkey in October when the economy started tanking.
  5. pajamahadeen
  6. playdowns
    • 2009 March 11, Brian McAndrew, “Howard Bros. showdown a lopsided family affair”, Toronto Star:
      He will miss a chance to play in next year's Brier in Halifax because the New Brunswick playdowns conflict with his TSN curling broadcasting duties at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
  7. pottying
    • 2009 March 11, Daphne Gordon, “The (messy) case against diapering baby”, Toronto Star:
      Part-time pottying is fine with me, because it will reduce the total number of diapers consumed during my babe's lifetime, while, at the same time, preserving my sanity.
  8. provincewide
    • 2009 March 11, Tyler Hamilton, “Energy plan targets soaring costs”, Toronto Star:
      Ontario's energy regulator expects to launch a provincewide program by November that will help more low-income households cope with high heating and power costs.
  9. remotivation
    • 2009 March 11, Chris Zelkovich, “Refreshed Hayden has high hopes”, Toronto Star:
      "You've got to stop on that road and take a look around at where you are and find that drive to keep going, a remotivation."
  10. riggwelted
    • 2009 March 11, Josh Rubin, “Black sheep of family redeemed”, Toronto Star:
      In the old Norse-influenced dialect of the Yorkshire Dales, a sheep that has fallen onto its back and can't get up is said to have been "riggwelted."
  11. scrappage
    • 2009 March 11, Tanya Talaga, “Scrap-a-clunker rebate mulled by Queen's Park”, Toronto Star:
      McGuinty said he met with David Mondragon, chief executive officer at Ford of Canada, to discuss a specific scrappage proposal from the company last week. "
  12. slugout
    • 2009 March 11, Joel Rubinoff, “Hosts out to fix their sorry lives”, Toronto Star:
      They're exploiting the Brown-Rihanna slugout and we've got Rachael Ray yammering about `recession-proof recipes?'
  13. speedskate
    • 2009 March 11, Randy Starkman, “Crunch time for Canada”, Toronto Star:
      "It was to the point where I started thinking I actually can't skate anymore, I don't know how to speedskate," said Hughes.
  14. spoofery
    • 2009 March 11, Jim Coyle, “Oh, woe are we in Ontario”, Toronto Star:
      It's so morose that when the funny folk of This Hour Has 22 Minutes dropped by to cheer up denizens with a little spoofery of Premier Dalton McGuinty they just about got run out of the building on a rail.
  15. underworked
    • 2009 March 11, Tony Van Alphen, “Auto workers' chief hits back at critics”, Toronto Star:
      Chris Buckley, president of CAW Local 222 in Oshawa, said he was "absolutely disgusted" with the attitude of the Tory MPs that GM workers are overpaid and underworked.
  16. unflavoured