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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-26 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-26).

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  1. balafon
    • 2009 March 26, “The mali music revival, tonight at revival”, Toronto Star:
      Famous Sideman : Modern Malian music pioneer Kélétigui Diabaté is a master of the balafon, a xylophone-like instrument with rosewood keys suspended over gourd resonators.
  2. balmacaan
    • 2009 March 26, David Livingstone, “Benjamin on the button for spring”, Toronto Star:
      Arriving for interviews at Holts offices, he has on a vintage Burberry round-collared, raglan-sleeved balmacaan coat in heavy tweed, a Benjamin Bixby polo shirt, vintage jeans with an old bandana poking from a front pocket, and a vintage belt that he says is about to fall apart.
  3. buttonable
  4. cellared
    • 2009 March 26, Gordon Stimmell, “Good local wines at good prices”, Toronto Star:
      Please note: None of these are "cellared in Canada" wines, such as the new Jackson-Triggs Olympic wines from VinCor, which are made from blends of foreign "offshore" grapes.
  5. curtainless
    • 2009 March 26, Peter Goddard, “Video artist shows an alternate history of Canada”, Toronto Star:
      Bowen appropriates a clip from the dance's climactic "mad" scene, where the wife seeks a final refuge in an oversized trunk placed beneath a baleful curtainless window.
  6. funkadelia
    • 2009 March 26, David Livingstone, “Benjamin on the button for spring”, Toronto Star:
      Unafraid of the absurd, he has, with aplomb, plied looks influenced by funkadelia and informed by Savile Row. Last year, he launched his own collection of menswear.
  7. greedheads
    • 2009 March 26, David Olive, “Great showman, bull-headed ego”, Toronto Star:
      In contrast to the greedheads in the financial world who have crippled the global economy, Garth Howard Drabinsky was not in the game for personal enrichment.
  8. misallocating
    • 2009 March 26, Peter Small, “Finally, the curtain for Livent chiefs”, Toronto Star:
      Fraudulent accounting methods included arbitrarily moving expenses to future quarters, misallocating pre-production costs to fixed assets and transferring expenses from one show to another.
  9. octoplexes
    • 2009 March 26, David Olive, “Great showman, bull-headed ego”, Toronto Star:
      Accompanying him on a tour of one of his octoplexes in the 1980s, I watched as Drabinsky bent down – wincing from the back pain, a legacy of the polio he contracted in childhood – to pick up bits of popcorn littering the lobby, and then shouted at the counter staff.
  10. pitchforked
  11. rollerball
  12. sunrays
    • 2009 March 26, Michael Slackman, “Libya's Gadhafi a `mad dog' no more”, Toronto Star:
      In one of the many billboards in the capital, Gadhafi appears as a saviour as sunrays break over his shoulder and a crowd of black people reach toward him.
  13. unposted
  14. waterslides
    • 2009 March 26, Kristin Rushowy, “Children design the city of their dreams”, Toronto Star:
      For Zahra Ebrahim, founder and chief executive officer of archiTEXT and the innovator in residence at the Design Exchange, kids' ideal city would have candy stands, waterslides and roller coasters – but also good transportation.