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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-26 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. browed
    • 2009 April 26, David Graham, “Why plain Jane is a glamourpuss”, Toronto Star:
      Enter Susan Boyle, the bushy browed, wire-haired Scot made world-famous as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent.
  2. cyberspies
    • 2009 April 26, “Why you should never let bureaucrats oversee a cyberwar”, Toronto Star:
      This month, the Wall Street Journal quoted "current and former national-security officials" who warned that "cyberspies" from China, Russia and elsewhere had broken into the systems that control the U.S.'s electrical grid and had installed software that could be used to disrupt it.
  3. hardnosed
    • 2009 April 26, Damien Cox, “In these Penguins we trust”, Toronto Star:
      But more than just the superior stars, what the Penguins showed was a hardnosed resilience that has to be at least to some degree the product of the long hard road that ended in heartbreak last year against Detroit.
  4. hombre *
    • 2009 April 26, Damien Cox, “Penguins take lumps and series”, Toronto Star:
      At the time Maxime Talbot made what appeared to be a curious decision to challenge the toughest hombre on the Flyers, Dan Carcillo, the Penguins were trailing 3-0, had only eight shots on the Philly goal and seemed destined to host a Game 7 in the best-of-seven set tomorrow night.
  5. interphone
    • 2009 April 26, Andrew Chung, “Anatomy of a foiled hijacking”, Toronto Star:
      FROM OTHER SOURCES, it's understood that investigators could hear the suspect over the plane's intercom system and that they were communicating with him via the co-pilot's headset on the cabin interphone.
  6. overearnestly
    • 2009 April 26, Nathan Whitlock, “Few laughs to be found in dour life of Mordecai”, Toronto Star:
      At the other extreme, last year's Mordecai Richler: Leaving St. Urbain by Reinhold Kramer focused (rather overearnestly) on Richler's writing itself.
  7. papercut
    • 2009 April 26, Deirdre Baker, “Flying with the fairies indeed”, Toronto Star:
      The artists' bright, sharp papercut art, in solid colours, leads kids through a series of qualities: round things (apple, globe, drum) give way to "things that make music" (drum, guitar, bird) to "things that fly" (bird, plane, bumblebees) to striped things (bumblebees) all the way around to red things, and apple again.
  8. stilettotarsal
    • 2009 April 26, Patricia Hluchy, “The perils of lofty footwear”, Toronto Star:
      So desperate are some women to remain elevated that they get Botox injections in the balls of their feet to combat "stilettotarsal," an injury to soft tissue caused by wearing heels.
  9. wavemaking
    • 2009 April 26, Ashante Infantry, “Brit singer's got a potty mouth”, Toronto Star:
      She professed a good rapport with the other wavemaking British songstresses Leona Lewis, Duffy, Estelle, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen despite reports otherwise.