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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-06-10 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. addiciton
    • 2009 June 10, “Different takes on war on drugs”, Toronto Star:
      We must legalize drugs, control and tax them, and treat addiciton as the medical problem it is, rather than a matter for criminal law.
  2. animaux *
    • 2009 June 10, Nicole Baute Staff reporter, “Banned from the Big Top”, Toronto Star:
      Since its start in Quebec in the 1980s, the death-defying Cirque du Soleil has become an international sensation sans animaux while the more traditional circus has faced growing criticism from animal-welfare groups and politicians.
  3. baconnaise
  4. belgian
  5. bosc *
  6. chastized
    • 2009 June 10, James Daw, “Solid banks, insurers cost more, public told”, Toronto Star:
      Last Thursday in Cambridge, she chastized auto insurers for raising rates only 7 per cent as the cost of claims soared nearly 20 per cent between 2007 and 2008.
  7. crushpad
    • 2009 June 10, Pamela Cuthbert, “Niagara winemaker does it his way”, Toronto Star:
      At the time, the certified sommelier and longstanding promoter of fine Niagara wines was on the crushpad where grapes are crushed and testing his ability to identify the origins of the batches of grapes as they came in from farms in the area.
  8. darkhorses
    • 2009 June 10, Randy Starkman, “Alpine team takes fall at 2010 Games”, Toronto Star:
      "What it means for us in reality is we're not going to put some of what we call our darkhorses in races like slalom, people who have a shot at winning something or at least do really well, be in the top 10 in the Olympics," said Gartner.
  9. dilemmalike
    • 2009 June 10, Phil Booth, “Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 10”, Toronto Star:
      You're working on a plan to burrow your way out of your current dilemmalike in prison breaks on TV. It just so happens that luck is digging toward you from the other end and looks set to meet you halfway.
  10. fireballer
    • 2009 June 10, David Grossman, “Gibbs seals deal for Panthers”, Toronto Star:
      And Jeff Gibbs, a 6-foot-4 fireballer whose fastball has been clocked at 88 m.p.h., got the job done.
  11. garagistes *
    • 2009 June 10, Pamela Cuthbert, “Niagara winemaker does it his way”, Toronto Star:
      In fact, you could argue that it harks back to the first batch of homemade, fermented grape juice and carries on today with the renegades, or garagistes garage winemakers all over the winemaking world.
  12. grigios
  13. gris *
  14. liabilty
    • 2009 June 10, Tony Van Alphen, “GM 'wind down' offer irks dealers”, Toronto Star:
      In exchange for the payments, GM placed several conditions that include releasing the company from liabilty and agreeing not sue the automaker.
  15. napa *
    • 2009 June 10, Susan Sampson, “Chinois chicken salad”, Toronto Star:
      In large bowl, toss shredded napa, romaine and snow peas with enough vinaigrette to moisten.
  16. newspeak
    • 2009 June 10, “Battling the `newspeak' on war”, Toronto Star:
      William Astore, retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant, did not go far enough in his timely article on the insidious increase and acceptance of "newspeak" since World War II. Yes, writing clearly and truthfully about the actual decimation, torture and dehumanization of human beings is becoming an endangered activity.
  17. smokey
  18. sparkplug
    • 2009 June 10, DAVE FESCHUK, “Orlando turns it into a series”, Toronto Star:
      Rafer Alston, the Magic point guard who came into the game shooting 18 per cent from the field for the series, was one of last night's sparkplug, scoring 20 points on 8-for-12 shooting.
  19. speaksof
    • 2009 June 10, Phil Booth, “Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 10”, Toronto Star:
      The sky speaksof a real chance for you to banish confusion and chaos from a part of your world, at least for a while.
  20. stickhandled
    • 2009 June 10, Kevin McGran, “No decision on Phoenix Coyotes as judge drops hammer”, Toronto Star:
      PHOENIXWith the artistry of a skilled centre, Judge Redfield T. Baum stickhandled his way through conflicting legal precedents, put all the lawyers on the defensive and found the one way that may end the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy mess.
  21. teammmate
    • 2009 June 10, David Grossman, “Gibbs seals deal for Panthers”, Toronto Star:
      Taking the loss was Tyler Patzalek, who will be Gibbs' teammmate at the University of Maine in the fall.
  22. watercooler
    • 2009 June 10, “Beckett shuts down Yankees”, Toronto Star:
      Burnett (4-3) allowed three earned runs on five walks and five hits before leaving with two outs in the third and taking out his frustrations on a dugout watercooler.