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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-06-12 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. adn
    • 2009 June 12, “CIA convinced bin Laden still in Pakistan cave”, Toronto Star:
      Panetta said the CIA is mindful that as it makes progress in Pakistan, bin Laden adn other Al Qaeda leaders could transfer their operations to safe havens elsewhere, such as Yemen and Somalia, which are also home to large, ungoverned territories.
  2. ambiquity
    • 2009 June 12, Peter Howell, “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3: Thrill ride”, Toronto Star:
      Pelham '09 similarly finds its groove in the here and now, with more complications and fewer laughs for the 21st century world of moral ambiquity.
  3. columnizing
    • 2009 June 12, Antonia Zerbisias, “Hate men? Moi? Not at all”, Toronto Star:
      Concerned that my constant columnizing on women's rights might create the wrong impression: that I am a man-hater, and as misandric as the misogynists I write about.
  4. encoffinments
    • 2009 June 12, Peter Howell, “Departures: Sentimental journey”, Toronto Star:
      He discovers to his horror that he's applied to apprentice to an undertaker who specializes in "encoffinments," the preparation of bodies prior to interment or cremation.
  5. firebombings
    • 2009 June 12, Lesley Ciarula Taylor, “Czech Roma seek safe haven”, Toronto Star:
      In April, a 22-month-old girl in Vitkov, Czech Republic, was badly burned in one of three firebombings of Roma houses.
  6. goderators
    • 2009 June 12, Antonia Zerbisias, “Hate men? Moi? Not at all”, Toronto Star:
      No doubt, judging from the comments the goderators of my blog leave unpublished and some of my email.
  7. homeside
    • 2009 June 12, Mark Zwolinski, “Solid Romero abandoned by Jays' offence”, Toronto Star:
      Romero gave up a run on a sacrifice fly in the second inning, the only run Millwood needed in a 1-0 win by the homeside.
  8. interoperative
    • 2009 June 12, Michael Rachlis, “Losing track of big picture at eHealth”, Toronto Star:
      Governments have to get together with providers and ensure nobody wastes money on any more systems unless they are fully interoperative.
  9. kw
    • 2009 June 12, “Hydro power cheaper than nukes”, Toronto Star:
      On the other hand, the cost of electricity from a new nuclear reactor would be at least 15 cents per kw/h, and that's before waste and decommissioning expenses, not to mention the inevitable cost overruns.
  10. mutuels *
    • 2009 June 12, Dave Perkins, “Big wet kiss from Bolt”, Toronto Star:
      Years from now, sons and daughters will tell their own children about seeing the world's fastest man race and win, right there on Bloor St. If mutuels tickets had been sold, they'd all be in a frame by this morning.
  11. overbudget
    • 2009 June 12, Lauren Krugel, “ExxonMobil is backing TransCanada Alaska line”, Toronto Star:
      TransCanada and Exxon are involved in another major Arctic pipeline, the long-stalled and overbudget Mackenzie Gas Project in northern Canada.
  12. panky
    • 2009 June 12, Corey Mintz, “Dark and steamy night”, Toronto Star:
      "I went into the washroom to use it and (my boyfriend) followed me in," says Gwen, a server who has observed much hanky panky from customers and now has a bathroom sex story of her own. "
  13. reinvited
  14. reinviting
    • 2009 June 12, David Grossman, “Kids get once in a lifetime run with Bolt”, Toronto Star:
      University of Toronto athletic director Liz Hoffman did some damage control, calling the affected schools and reinviting them.
  15. righthander
    • 2009 June 12, Mark Zwolinski, “Solid Romero abandoned by Jays' offence”, Toronto Star:
      The big righthander got out of that jam, coaxing Vernon Wells into a soft lineout to third and Adam Lind into a flyball out.
  16. rurals
    • 2009 June 12, Peter Howell, “By the time I got to Woodstock, things had changed”, Toronto Star:
      My pals and I laughed at the furious rednecks, fearful parents and quaint rurals interviewed by Wadleigh's team, rubes expressing alarm and amazement over the hippie hoedown.
  17. shmancy
  18. stitcher
    • 2009 June 12, Joe Fiorito, “An absence of heart and sole”, Toronto Star:
      Pride of the place is occupied by a handsome Landis outside stitcher, chrome and green enamel, made in the art deco style during the golden age of machinery, and used by the shoemaker for attaching uppers to soles.
  19. transportational
    • 2009 June 12, Christopher Hume, “TTC map must look at big picture”, Toronto Star:
      On the evidence of the Danforth and Spadina subway lines, however, both planned with the best of transportational intentions, it seems the TTC hasn't always been very successful at integrating stops into the larger community.