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m'lud (plural m'luds)

  1. (UK) Eye dialect spelling of m'lord
    1969, Monty Python's Flying Circus, 1.3: "How to Recognise Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away"
    Mr. Larch, you heard the case for the prosecution. Is there anything you wish to say before I pass sentence?
    Well... I'd just like to say, m'lud, I've got a family... a wife and six kids... and I hope very much you don't have to take away my freedom... because... well, because, m'lud, freedom is a state much prized within the realm of civilised society. It is a bond wherewith the savage man may charm the outward hatchments of his soul, and soothe the troubled breast into a magnitude of quiet. It is most precious as a blessed balm, the saviour of princes, the harbinger of happiness, yea, the very stuff and pith of all we hold most dear. What frees the prisoner in his lonely cell, chained within the bondage of rude walls, far from the owl of Thebes? What fires and stirs the woodcock in his springe or wakes the drowsy apricot betides? What goddess doth the storm-toss'd mariner offer her most tempestuous prayers to? Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
    It's only a bloody parking offence.