membrum puerile

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membrum (limb”, “member”; “penis) + puerīle (boyish), after membrum virīle


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈmem.brum pu.eˈriː.le/, [ˈmem.brũ pu.eˈriː.le]


membrum puerīle n

  1. (New Latin, rare, somewhat euphemistic) a boy’s penis
    • 1975, Mario Szichman, Miguel Otero Silva, page 97
      La historia se reduce al largo de la nariz de Cleopatra, al membrum puerile de Perón, o al afán de rápido enriquecimiento de los militares venezolanos.
    • 2000, L. Holm, “‘The bishop who strove for completeness’ — On Taboos and Taboo-breaking in Swedish Dictionaries through the Ages” in Symposium on Lexicography IX, eds. Jens Erik Mogensen et al., page 234
      The register of cock words is more impressive: euphemisms are manslem, swantz and tyg, popular/vulgar is snorr, all of them already in the original version. Additions are the vulgar ball, kuk and pill (“penis, membrum puerile”).
    • 2007, Rainer Hoffmann, Im Himmel wie auf Erden: Die Putten von Venedig, page 87
      Auf einem Akanthusblätter-Sockel stehend, die Beine leicht gespreizt und den Unterleib mit angedeuteter graziöser Drehung ein wenig nach vorn gewölbt, präsentiert er sich in seiner paradiesischen Nacktheit samt membrum puerile in leibhaftigster Unschuld.
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Usage notes[edit]

  • This Latin phrase is attested in German (1750), French (1936), Spanish (1955), and English (2000).
  • In German, this phrase is sometimes capitalised as Membrum puerile.
  • In Spanish, which has no neuter gender, this phrase is treated as masculine.
  • In Spanish, this phrase is only attested in use referring to the allegedly diminutive penis of the former President of Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, in which contexts the puerīle is figurative.


See the declensions of membrum, puerīlis.