Appendix:Phonological development of Tok Pisin

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This table shows the phonological shifts that occurred from English (RP) to Tok Pisin (Standard dialect), both in broad transcription written in IPA. Sounds that remained the same are not listed, and vowel length is not marked.

Note also that all final consonant clusters that take the form xp (where x is any non-plosive consonant and p is any plosive) lose the plosive in Tok Pisin. All uses of "final" are used to mean "syllable-final". Also, many (but not all) postpositive instances of what would be expected to become *ta instead become ra.

English phonology Tok Pisin phonology
final /g/ final /k/
final /d/ final /t/
final /b/ final /p/
/f/ /p/
/dʒ/ /s/
/tʃ/ /s/
/ʃ/ /s/
/æ/ /a/
/eɪ/ /e/
/ɪ/ /i/
/ɒ/ /o/
/ɹ/ /r/, /ɾ/
/ɔ/ /o/
/ɛ/ /e/
/(ɹ)/ ø
/aɪ/ /ai/
/ə/ /a/
/əʊ/ /o/
/ʌ/ /a/
/oʊ/ /o/
/θ/ /t/
/ð/ /d/
/v/ /v/, /p/
/z/ /s/
/ʒ/ /s/
/ʊ/ /u/
/ɑ/ /a/
/ɚ/ /a/