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English citations of deism and Deism

  1. Peter Charles Hoffer, The Brave New World: A History of Early America (2007) p. 363:
    • But deism in England and France lacked an affirmative object and captured neither the imagination of the ruling classes nor the hearts of the masses. In its American form, deism struck a more gentle and optimistic note.
  2. Brian D. McLaren, Finding Faith-A Search for What Makes Sense (2007) p. 153:
    • Deism made sense in its day as a reaction against religious wrangling and warfare.
  3. Charles Hartshorne, Man's Vision of God and the Logic of Theism - (1964) p. 348:
    • Just as [absolute perfection in some respects, relative perfection in all others] is the whole positive content of perfection, so CW, or the conception of the Creator-and-the-Whole-of-what-he-has-created as constituting one life, the super-whole which in its everlasting essence is uncreated (and does not necessitate just the parts which the whole has) but in its de facto concreteness is created - this panentheistic doctrine contains all of deism and pandeism except their arbitrary negations.
  4. Norman Cousins, "In God We Trust": The Religious Beliefs and Ideas of the American Founding Fathers (1958) p. 464:
    • It is now too late to abuse Deism, especially in a country where the press is free, or where free presses can be established.
  5. Julius Charles Hare, Augustus William Hare, Guesses at Truth (1847) p.39:
    • As the Epicureans had a Deism without a God, so the Unitarians have a Christianity without a Christ, and a Jesus but no Saviour.
  6. John Dryden, Religio Laici, Or A Layman's Faith (1682):
    • If my supposition be true, then the consequence which I have assumed in my Poem may be also true; namely, that Deism, or the principles of natural worship, are only the faint remnants or dying flames of reveal'd religion in the posterity of Noah.