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English citations of Pickett's charge

Valiant futile frontal assault[edit]

  • 1997, John Katzenbach, State of Mind, page 167
    She would line the pills up and think historically: Pickett's charge. A valiant and romantic effort against a strongly entrenched and implacable army.
  • 2002, Nicholas Dawidoff, Baseball: A Literary Anthology, page 335
    You went to Yankee Stadium if you were the kind of man who enjoyed yelling for Grant at Richmond; you went to the National League parks to see Pickett's charge.
  • 2003, Isabel Zuber, Salt: A Novel, page 159
    These fellows will go for the direct frontal assault, Pickett's charge, or some such nonsense.

Big battle[edit]

  • 1992, George P. Garrett, Whistling in the Dark: True Stories and Other Fables, page 89
    Though Garibaldi's flight was mighty small shakes compared to Pickett's charge — which, like all Southerners, I tend to view in Miltonic terms,
  • 2000, James Brady, The House That Ate the Hamptons: A Novel of Lily Pond Lane, page 252
    I don't mean to suggest this was Pickett's charge or the battle of the Little Bighorn;
  • 2007, Richard Savage, In the Swim - A Story of Currents and Under-Currents in Gayest New York, page 136
    This "Pickett's charge" of these demure Demi-Vierges was successful.

Bad decision[edit]

  • 2003, Everette James, Rutledge, page 180
    This is a worse decision than Pickett's charge. They think they are stonewalling the Philistines but what they are doing is handing them a hydrogen bomb.

English citations of Pickett's Charge

  • 1988, Harold Coyle, Team Yankee: A Novel of World War III, page 121
    The specter of the "Charge of the Light Brigade" and Pickett's Charge began to loom before him.
  • 1999, Lee Magner, Owen's Touch: Try to Remember, page 233
    "But you keep the doors locked and hurry straight into the courthouse, and if anyone comes near you, scream like Pickett's Charge."
  • 2004, Christina Bartolomeo, The Side of the Angels, page 15
    He probably thought Pickett's Charge was a new kind of credit card.
  • 2003, Valerie S. Malmont, Death Pays the Rose Rent, [age 304
    ... had drunk a little too much homemade moonshine and were attempting to reenact Pickett's Charge against the medieval encampment in the next field.
  • 2003, Sonny Brewer, Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe II: Anthology of Southern Writers, page 146
    And when they are settled and he is home from his wandering he may have a flickering moment, a sort of Pickett's Charge across the synaptic field toward