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English citations of dazzle

Hubert Howe Bancroft (1907) Some Cities and San Francisco: “Algiers, likewise, an amphitheatre in form, might give San Francisco lessons in terrace construction, having hillsides covered with them, the scene made yet more striking by the dazzling white of the houses.”

C. S. Lewis (1953) The Silver Chair, page 184: “The depth of the chasm was so bright that at first it dazzled their eyes and they could see nothing.”

Walt Whitman (1897) "After the Dazzle of Day" from Leaves of Grass, page 388: “After the dazzle of day is gone, / Only the dark, dark night shows to my eyes the stars”

Lord Byron (1818) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: “He! with a glory round his furrow'd brow, / Which emanated then, and dazzles now, / In face of all his foes, the Cruscan quire”