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English citations of erize and -erize

  • 1991, V Børdahl, Grammatical gleanings from a Yangzhou storyteller's tale, in Cahiers de linguistique-Asie orientale:
    [] is suffixed to nouns similarly to the erization in MSC. [] MSС xiàzi is infrequent, the erized form xiàr or the unsuffixed form xià being preferred in most Northern dialects []
  • 1993, Indiana East Asian Working Paper Series on Language and Politics in Modern China:
    Conflicting Meanings of Suffixual -Erization in Standard Mandarin
    This paper follows Barnes (1977) in focusing only on nouns -erized in word final position. [] people (speakers of Beijing language as opposed to Beijing patois) do not -erize this word.
  • 2008, Jennifer M. Wei, To -er is to err: acts of identity in Chinese, in Language choice and identity politics in Taiwan →ISBN, chapter 1, page 11:
    However, I could accept teachers who -erized their Chinese all the time, not just in front of the foreign students. Once when I was walking in Hong Kong, I heard a person behind me -erizing almost every word. I turned around and found out that it was a foreigner speaking Chinese. He spoke like someone from Beijing.