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English citations of fuck you, Jack, I'm alright

  1. 1997, Stuart Pierson, “Medieval Survivals: Reflections on Ron Hynes, cryer's paradise”, University of New Brunswick:
  • One person's — even one company's — "fortune" might be dicey, but the institutions — market, corporation, contract — are forever, and are forever because rooted in permanent features of human nature: "look at me!" and "My daddy can beat your daddy" and "Fuck you, Jack, I'm all right"
    • 2000 October 30, Julian Evans, “The first postmodern ironist”, in New Statesman[1]:
      This is not merely a possible description of the current state of press freedom. It is also an explanation of how political leadership can be reduced to a nadir of craven opportunism and still be successful - as in William Hague's poll-busting announcement that the Tories will cut 3p from a litre of unleaded petrol if elected. This showed, he said, that his party was "in touch with the people's priorities". As indeed it seems to be: the priorities of a prosperous, cheerful, fuck-you-Jack-I'm-all-right people.