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  • When this word is pronounced, the stress is on the last syllable: {{{1}}}{{{2}}}{{{3}}}. (The pronunciation with stress on the penultimate syllable, {{{1}}}{{{2}}}{{{3}}}, means "I am [a(n)/the] {{{4}}}.")

This template can be used to document special Turkish noun forms or verb forms having at least two syllables that can be differentiated by the right stress only. These words have different meanings depending on whether the stress falls on the penultimate syllable or the last syllable. Examples for noun forms are

Word Possessive form Predicative form
ev evim evim
güzelim güzelim zelim
peynirli kekim peynirli kekim peynirli kekim
plak plağım plağım

An example for a verb form is gelirim (I would come some time in the future). The possessive form is pronounced gelirim.


For nouns: {{first-person singular usage notes|1=|2=|3=|4=|5=}}

For verbs: {{first-person singular usage notes|1=|2=|3=}}

Parameter Remark
1= Word without the last two syllables.
(Leave it blank, if the word consists of two syllables.)
2= Penultimate syllable
3= Last syllable of the word
4= Predicative meaning of the word in English
(Leave blank for verb form documentation.)
5= Another predicative meaning of the word in English
(optional and for nouns only)

Examples: For noun forms:

  1. evim: {{first-person singular usage notes||e|vim|house}}
  2. gelirim: {{first-person singular usage notes|ge|li|rim|income}}
  3. güzelim: {{first-person singular usage notes|gü|ze|lim|beauty}}
  4. kırışıklığım: {{first-person singular usage notes|kırışık|lı|ğım|wrinkle}}
  5. örneğim: {{first-person singular usage notes|ör|ne|ğim|example|sample}}
  6. peynirli kekim: {{first-person singular usage notes|peynirli |ke|kim|cheesecake}}

For the verb form

  1. gelirim: {{first-person singular usage notes|ge|li|rim|}} (last parameter is empty)